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New CBC Radio Documentary Describes the SASI's Work -
The Ideas series from CBC Radio (and on SiriusXM) recently broadcast an hour-long documentary that covers a good deal of the lab's work--from Dunning-Kruger to false moral superiority to even motivated perception. You can listen to the program "The Fool's Dilemma" here.

Interview by Errol Morris at NYT -
One of the more enjoyable and stimulating experience I (DD) have had over the past few months is being interviewed by Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris. Justin Kruger, too, was interviewed for the piece. The topic was incompetence and the Dunning-Kruger effect.

It's a five part series on the Opinionator blog at the New York Times. Part 1 can be found here.

News Mentions on Trusting Too Much and Too Little -
The Shortcuts column in the New York Times talks briefly about the lab's work on trust. If the question is whether people trust too much or too little, why is the answer "yes?" To understand, just click here.

The work, done in collaboration with Detlef Fetchenhauer, was also recently described in Die Welt, in Germany. If you want to read the article, just click here. Aber, es ist auf Deutsch.

Scientific American Piece on Desire and Distance -
The Mind Matters blog at Scientific American features the lab's recent work, with Emily Balcetis, on the impact of desire on the perception of distance. To read, just click here.

Clayton Critcher: Goes West, Young Man -
Just a quick note to congratulate Clayton Critcher, soon to be taking up an Assistant Professorship at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

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