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Detlef Fetchenhauer

address:Herbert-Lewin-Str. 2
University of Cologne
Department of Economic and Social Psychology
Cologne, 50931

Detlef Fetchenhauer - Vita
Professor of Psychology - Head of the Department of Economic and Social Psychology, University of Cologne

Determinants of prosocial and antisocial behavior; How laypeople perceive the economy; Evolutionary Psychology

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Selected Publications [All Publications]
Dunning, D. & Fetchenhauer, D. (In Press). Trust as an expressive rather than an instrumental act. In S. Thye & E. Lawler (Eds.), Advances in group processes (vol. 27). New York: Emerald.
Fetchenhauer, D. & Dunning, D. (2010). Why so cynical? Asymmetric feedback underlies misguided skepticism in the trustworthiness of others. Psychological Science, 21, 189-193. [reprints | abstract]
Fetchenhauer, D. & Dunning, D. (2009). Do people trust too much or too little? Journal of Economic Psychology, 30, 263-276. [reprints | abstract]
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